Getting involved in student sailing

Are you a prospective student sailor or already at uni and looking for sailing opportunities?

If you are a prospective student, you may find the University pages helpful. Most University Sailing Clubs (USCs) have descriptions there, with contact information. If you have any difficulty making contact, we can often help to make the connection – just be in touch with (or use the Contact Form below).

Most University Sailing Clubs are very much in evidence at Fresher Fairs! Make yourself known. Ask! They also run taster sessions, before you become committed. But, if you miss these, or you suddenly realise later that this might be for you, USCs have Facebook Pages and Groups, usually with some contact info. and their own websites, or pages on the Athletics/Sports union website, so get in touch.

USCs invariably are social, and encourage social membership, as well as recreational sailing, not just racing. If you have not sailed – or much – before, most USCs run learn-to-sail sessions (some are Training Centres in their own right or work with a local training centre/club, which may also provide powerboat, safety, first aid and other courses). USCs will be keen to encourage early learners to crew in their Firefly dinghies and to learn about team racing.

Early each academic year, there will be selector events to choose sailors to join the team racing teams, leading to opportunities for weekend trips to other unis for team racing and socials, many an undergraduate and research student has found the opportunity to focus on something quite different, but still intellectually challenging, as well as out-of-doors, a great antidote to full-on studying. During their time at university, many sailors develop skills and seek qualification as race officials and umpires.

If you are already at university and interested to get involved in sailing, contacting your University Sailing Club will be the first step. But some sailors – ranging from potential beginners, through fair-weather recreational sailors, to Olympic squaddies – may find themselves at universities that do not have an active sailing club. This does not preclude you getting involved in the sport. For those who like racing, there are ways to get involved in competition, especially in fleet racing and potentially in other disciplines, including keelboating. We suggest that you get in touch with us via the Contact Form below in case we have ideas and information.

International students who are, or are planning to be, studying at UK universities are equally welcome to participate in all university sailing activities in the UK, and there may be other opportunities while studying here too. Again, do be in touch with us, if you need help or pointing in the right direction.

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