Most University Sailing Clubs (USCs) are members of BUSA, paying a small annual subscription.

This entitles a university to compete at BUCS-BUSA Championships and other events, provides club affiliation with the RYA, necessary for sailors to compete in any event governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing. Other clubs, including other USCs, hosting events, for example, team racing weekends, are entitled to expect that competing teams are covered by such affiliation. Membership entitles registered students of the university to participate in all BUSA activities. See University Sailing Club Membership of BUSA.

For organisational purposes, in particular the arrangement of Team Racing Qualifiers (Leagues in Scotland), USCs are apportioned to "Areas". These may vary, and the allocation of USCs to them from time to time, as decided by the BUSA Committee, is primarily to ensure balance and proportion in the teams competing in the Qualifiers.

On the BUSA Committee, there is an Area Chair, elected annually at the AGM, who supports, and liaises and communicates with USCs, providing a route for communication with the BUSA Committee generally and, particularly, organises the Qualifier weekends, generally held each February, together with a Reserve Weekend, if required),

We encourage USCs to provide us with up-to-date informationm and material about their Club and activities. The pages, indexed below, may be used by propsective students and sailors already at university, as well as other interested parties. If you have information to add, please be in touch with the BUSA Secretary, or by completing the Contact Form.

SSS - Scottish Student Sailing

Scottish Student Sailing was founded in 2012 from the former Scottish Universities Sailing Association (SUSA), and three distinct competitive styles make up the sailing year, in the shape of Team Racing, Match Racing and Yachting. As well as racing, Scottish Student Sailing also supports training of all levels and beginner activities.

SSS has a Committee that organises an annual programme of events and other activities. Details may be found at: XXXX. The Scottish Representative on the BUSA Committee, Emily Hill, is responsible for managing the Scottish League weekends that are the qualifyers for the BUCS-BUSA Team Racing Championships..

NA - Northern Area

Area Representative: Kieran Graham (Newcastle)

BUSA The North Facebook

[Formerly ANUSC - Association of Northern University Sailing Clubs]

MA - Midlands Area

Area Representative: Grace Bradley-Shankar (Loughborough)

BUSA The Middle Facebook

SCA - South Central Area

Area Representative: Will Birchall (Bournemouth)

WA - Western Area

Area Representative: Emma Hartley (Bristol)