The Chair advises the committee and informs the President. The Chair leads the day to day running of the association throughout their term. The Chair’s responsibilities extend from compiling the agenda and chairing committee meetings, to providing the central point of contact from BUSA to organisations including ICSA and the RYA.

  • Compile the Agenda for each committee meeting with the Vice-Chair, and send to the Secretary. I will direct the Secretary as to the location, date and time of meeting venues to be booked.
  • Chair each committee meeting, or invite the Vice-Chair to chair in my absence.
  • Compile the executive summary of each committee meeting.
  • Communicate with administration organisations. Principally ICSA and the RYA.
  • Represent student sailing at the appropriate forums.
  • Compile the agenda for each annual general or extraordinary general meeting, as directed by the committee. I will work closely with the administrator and vice-chair to compile and carry out an annual calender of BUSA activities.
  • Oversee all BUSA activities, delegating actions and supporting committee members as needed.
  • Ensure that the committee application procedure is run fairly.
Time towards BUSA

The Chair is expected to attend a minimum of 4 meetings a year, the BUSA AGM plus representative activity and dedicate roughly 1 day of admin before each committee meeting and 3- 5 hours a week of admin.