Committee Handbook


This 'handbook' is a resource for BUSA Committee members to find information about specific committee roles and useful documentation to help support each role. New or returning members who are changing role should reach out to their predecessor by the end of May to get a full handover of their role. Please also feel fee to contact Karen Thomas (Chair) or Abby West (Vice Chair) if you have any questions.
The BUSA senior committee are regularly reviewing the Covid-19 situation. As such, all committee meetings will be over Skype until social distancing measures are relaxed. We will update all committee members on any changes to the BUSA calender as needed.
Thank you for joining the BUSA Committee, as a team we are here to support you as much as possible and ensure you get the most out of your time on the committee.

BUSA Strategy

BUSA is run by students, for students - we are guided by student feedback. The aims of BUSA are;

  • Increase participation in sailing.
  • Instil equality & diversity in all activities and to provide an accessi-ble pathway into and through sailing for all students.
  • Retain students in sailing after university & throughout their lives.
  • Increase socio-economic diversity within the sport
  • Raise awareness of sailing opportunities beyond BUSA.
  • Provide and enable high level competition.
  • Develop individuals throughout their time at university.
  • Represent the interests of the students.
  • Support and work with stakeholders, e.g. the RYA, BUCS, UKTRA etc.
  • Offer support and advice to members and clubs.

In 2019 the BUSA Committee went through a major restructure following concerns over the sustainability of the model being used. Over a year after this restructure we are very pleased to see the committee driving BUSA to achieve its goals and forecasting a very positive future for the association.

Committee Meetings

There are a minimum of four general committee meetings each year. Committee meeting are mixed between Skype meetings and face-to-face meetings.

Future meeting dates and venues will be announced at each committee meeting and confirmed in the committee meeting minutes, summaries of which can be found on the Documents Page.

Committee members are asked to write a short report prior to each committee meeting outlining actions achieved and areas they would like further support with. These reports are brought together as a committee report and circulated to the committee by the secretary.

Committee Email Accounts

This email address is the memberships main point of contact with the committee. The inbox is split into discipline specific folders, general membership enquiries and development. The main flow of emails come from the media coordinator requesting and receiving event reports and from University Clubs submitting development application forms.

This email address is run by the Secretary. The Secretary is BUSAs’ direct liaison with external bodies such as BUCS, the individual who sends whole membership emails and is the person on committee to direct all queries and concerns regarding event entry to. Consider the Secretary as the centre of the BUSA committee, who all administrative questions should be sent to.

The BUSA treasurer handles all financial enquiries, budgets and forms related to expenses and invoices.

The BUSA Team Racing Officer receives a large number of enquiries from university sailing clubs hosting the qualifiers, playoffs and finals of the BUCS Team Racing Championships. If you have a query which concerns the Team Racing Officer, use this email address.

The BUSA Technical Delegate team work closely with the Team Racing Officer. Although Technical Delegates are appointed for all our major disciplines, this email address directly relates to the Team Racing discipline. Any rule questions, queries regarding universities wanting to make team changes or questions regarding umpires and event logistics should be sent to the Technical Delegates.

BUSA Branding

When creating documentation on behalf of BUSA please follow the BUSA branding guidance.

Expense Claiming

Bona fide expenses you wish to claim back through BUSA must follow the BUSA Expenses Policy. Send your completed Expense claim form along with receipts to the BUSA Treasurer within 28 days. Receipts must be provided!


Although formal notices and information will be posted on the BUSA Website, social media channels are used to circulate information and showcase committee activities and student sailing . It is down to all committee members to supply content, encouraging universities to submit news reports and sharing interesting opportunities with the Media Coordinator.

Facebook - Page - @BUSAMedia

Managed by BUSA and the main social media channel used to circulate BUSA information. Posts on this page are shared onto the BUSA Sailing group.

Facebook - Group - BUSA Sailing

Linked to our Facebook page. This is a place for current students to share information with other member universities, regarding their events or other opportunities.

Instagram - busamedia

BUSA offer instagram story take-overs to USC's at event throughout the season, enabling the sailing action to be shared widely.


This is a channel we would love to improve in the future to offer further video guidance and support to our membership


We use MailChimp to send regular email newsletters and bulletins regarding important notices.

Committee Role Information