BUSA and Development

BUSA has a "development" agenda. It is:

  • to encourage and support all students of higher education in the UK to participate in sailing, whether recreationally or as a competitive sport; and
  • to encourage and support student sailors and their Athletic/Sports Unions in establishing and developing their own sailing clubs, with a view to encouraging and facilitating student participation in the sport

The pages under the "Development" menu are variously relevant to individual sailors and/or to University Sailing Club committees.

These pages provide information and guidance about:“

  • "Getting Involved in Sailing” - for prospective and existing students, including international students
  • University Sailing Club Membership of BUSA
  • Race Training - currently including Pre-Yachting Championship training videos
  • Green Blue - University Sailing Sustainability Challenge

From time-to-time we will aim to expand the information and guidance provided in this section of the website. In particular, we are planning pages to include:

  • Some guidance on setting up a University Sailing Club, including information and contacts with RYA Sport Development;
  • Development of the Race Training page to include information about team race training,
  • Running an Event

Abby West

BUSA Development Officer 2018-19

If you have any queries or suggestions about the development of university sailing, whether for yourself or a friend or at your university, please be in touch using the Contact Form below:

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