BUSA and Development

The BUSA "development" agenda:
  • to encourage and support all students of higher education in the UK to participate in sailing, whether recreationally or as a competitive sport.
  • to encourage and support student sailors and their Athletic/Sports Unions in establishing and developing their own sailing clubs, with a view to encouraging and facilitating student participation in the sport

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BUSA guidance pages:

Some of these pages have yet to be commissioned.
We aim to expand the information and guidance provided in this section of the website over time. If you have suggestions, please send us a message below.

The BUSA Development Officer is elected each year to provide any support
and guidance you or your club may require around any aspect of development.

Joe Penhaul Smith

BUSA Development Officer

If you have any queries or suggestions about the development of university sailing,
whether for yourself or a friend or at your university, please be in touch using the Contact Form below:

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