Who is the Technical Delegate?

There are many people involved in organising a BUSA/BUCS event. The BUSA Committee aim to appoint 1 or 2 Technical Delegates for each discipline. This will be an individual(s) with significant knowledge and experience of organising and officiating events in the chosen discipline. They may be a role holder on committee. This table is intended to outline the Technical Delegate role, their responsibilities and how their role links to other important individuals appointed to oversee the organisation, running and aftermath of the event.

Technical Delegate(s): BUSA appointed race officials, appointed by the executive committee.
  • Supervise any event agreement with the OA and host venues
  • Gain an overview of all aspects of the organisation as well as advising on and approving the specification and technical aspects of the competition
  • Appoint the Race Officials
  • Approve the rules and regulations for the event as well as advising on matters relating to the Racing Rules of Sailing and event management
  • Make decisions on behalf of the OA as required by the RRS.
  • Reviewing and publishing NoRs, SIs and other official race documentation
  • During the event, ensure that the event team and race officials act as a co-ordinated team as well as ensuring good communication with competitors, coaches and team leaders (as well as facilitating feedback from them on the event)
  • Chair daily co-ordination and planning meetings of the senior event officials and the chief race officials and, if appointed, chair the race committee
  • Where relevant, supervise that prize-giving and other protocol functions are carried out properly
  • Support the publication of results and manage tie-breaks, protest decisions and deal with other technical queries during the event
  • In general, remain aware of any issues affecting the smooth and fair running of the event and take action accordingly
  • If requested, provide feedback on the performance of the chief race officials
  • Any other roles and responsibilities, as defined in World Sailing’s Race Official Roles, Qualifications and Competences document

Discipline Officer: BUSA appointed committee member.
  • Oversee the bidding process
  • Carry out all relevant discipline sub-committee liaison between the host club and BUSA committee. They can refer matters on to the TD as needed

Host Club: USC/UKSC chosen by BUSA to host a BUSA/BUCS event.
  • Liaising with the venue to provide appropriate equipment and facilities for the BUSA/BUCS event
  • Ensuring the event is fully insured
  • Providing a sufficient number of appropriately qualified volunteers
  • Note: The Host Club may advise on race official appointments but the TD has the final say.

Event Director: The Event Director should be the Discipline Officer (DO) or appointed by the DO and TD team jointly, as appropriate. The Host Club can advise on a local appointment.
  • Ensuring the smooth running of the event on the day
  • Create an event budget, volunteer plan and ensure safety cover is arranged
  • Liaise with the PRO and TD/DO as appropriate across the event

Area Chairs: BUSA appointed committee members, appointed at the AGM.
  • Managing regional-specific queries
  • Signposting team captains/clubs to the relevant BUSA committee member if required

BUSA Treasurer: BUSA appointed committee member
  • Ensure any requested invoices, expenses or bills relating to the BUSA/BUCS event are paid within a timely manner
  • Deducting administration costs from entry fees and transferring the remaining balance back to the Host Club
  • Approving, maintaining and enforcing the event budget

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