The Vice-Chair will report to the Chair and Executive Committee. The Vice Chair’s responsibilities largely mirror the Chair’s, in that they are to support the Chair in their duties. Specifically, they liaise with major stakeholders which BUSA engage with. The Vice Chair will also sit on the Fixture sub-committee. This role requires someone who is able to proactively ‘pick up the pieces’ where gaps emerge in other roles within the committee. Although the Chair leads on task-giving and chasing, the Vice-Chair should be happy to assist other committee members to get the tasks done.

  • Have a close working relationship with the chair and secretary.
  • Sit on any Fixture committee which may be created for event delivery.
  • Compile the Agenda for each committee meeting with the chair.
  • Liaise directly with any additional organisations, such as SSS or regional committees which may arise in future.
  • Chair committee meetings when invited by the chair.
  • Communicate with major stakeholders: Sunsail, sponsors, and host clubs as required.
  • Represent student sailing at the appropriate forums alongside the chair.
  • Assist in compiling the Agenda for each annual general or extraordinary general meeting, as directed by the committee.
  • Ensure that the committee application procedure is run fairly.
Time towards BUSA

The Vice Chair is expected to attend a minimum of 4 meetings a year, the BUSA AGM plus representative activity and dedicate roughly 3- 5 hours a week of admin.