The Vice President (VP) will liaise with the President and Chair, and guide members of the committee as appropriate.

The Vice President’s role is to provide short-term institutional memory to a committee with a high membership turnover. They are to dip in and provide expert guidance where required, and support members of the committee as they are invited, or see fit.

  • Take on an advisory role for the rest of the committee.
  • Act as a knowledge base for members of the committee, providing continuity between shorter term roles such as those of the regional representatives.
  • Support committee members in their roles as required.
There are two Vice President roles;
One VP will support the Area Chairs.
  • Support the area chairs and be their first point of escalation.
  • Support Area chairs in building and leading area sub-committees.
  • Support Area Chairs in managing area communications and Facebook groups.
  • Work with the development officer and area chairs to bringing together area development plans.
  • Lead communications to BUSA Alumni, including managing the Facebook Alumni groups.
One VP will support the Discipline offers
  • Lead sustainability within BUSA.
  • Lead BUSAs environment activities, this includes working with RYA Green-Blue challenge.
  • Work closely with the chair whilst setting strategy and policies
  • Support committee officers in finalising documentation and policies
  • Sit on BUSA sub-committees
  • Support the discipline and development officers
Useful Resources;
Time towards BUSA

The two VP’s should aim to have an update call frequently (minimum once per term) to delegate workload between them. As a VP you are expected to attend a minimum of 4 meetings a year, and dedicate roughly 1-2 hrs per week of admin work, varying.