Welcome to Plymouth for the 2019 BUCS Fleet Racing Championships

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No sailing on Saturday due to the weather.

Four races for each Fleet on Sunday

Official Notices and other announcements will appear below, together with day reports here


Notices & Documents

During the Championship any newly posted docs will appear first

Strong Wind Forecast for the weekend;

The race management team have been constantly reviewing the forecast, which has proved to be variable. We are content to continue with the intention of racing, final decisions will not be made before the morning of the first day. We have contingency measures in place to maximise our opportunity to run racing. We expect competitors to arrive and register as per the schedule.


All Fleets

Summary of Championship and Team Results,
with BUCS points, as and whe they become availaable.

Protest Time Limit

Firefly Fleet: 15.00

All other Fleets: 15.30

Protest times will be will be posted when the Committee Boat has returned to shore

Protests & Hearings

NB RYA Disputes guidance poster

Links to the Protests & Hearing Schedules will be provided here: