Becoming an Instructor or Coach at University

Are you a competent sailor? Do you sail regularly at your club and feel as though you could help other people to learn?

Have you considered taking a course to become a qualified RYA Instructor or Race Coach while you are at University?

There are lots of reasons to consider doing your qualification right now!

  • Get an internationally recognised qualification
  • Subsidised course costs
  • Accessible training courses
  • Bring beginners into the sport you love
  • Gain marketable employment skills
  • Earn money doing something you love
  • Spending your summers or your post-Uni gap year being paid to be on a beach somewhere sunny
  • Being able to roll out examples in career interviews about how your amazing communication skills changed someone’s life
  • watching your team win events and knowing it happened because of you

See the following guides to help you decide which qualification is the right one for you.

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