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Cambridge University Cruising Club (CUCrC) &
Cambridge University Yachting Club (CUYC)

Sailing at Cambridge University is now conducted under the two umbrella clubs:
Cambridge University Cruising Club (CUCrC)
, covering all aspects of Dinghy & Team Racing, whilst
Cambridge University Yacht Club (CUYC)
deals with Match & Yacht Racing.
The racing sections of these clubs are in close contact with each other, and sailors can be members of both!

Contact Information


Cambridge University Cruising Club

Website: http://www.cucrc.or

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CUCrC

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TabTeamRacing


Cambridge University Yacht Club

Website: http://www.cuyc.org.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CUYC.Sailing

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CUYC

The CUCrC welcomes sailors of all abilities to join our club. The club sails throughout year, running both sailing for those in the competitive Team Racing teams, as well as frequent day trips available to all club members.

Thanks to the generosity of our Alumni, we are currently proud to have two sets of six Fireflies, all in excellent condition, and a few other boats besides. All of our boats are kept at Grafham Water SC, a 35 minute drive from central Cambridge.

The Team Racing section attends regular events in the BUSA calendar, but still leave lots of room for training and an active social calendar.

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CUYC is an active and friendly society supporting all forms of yacht sailing at Cambridge. We organise regular social events, training courses, cruising trips and run a racing program. Whether you like the idea of sailing, but have never set foot on a yacht, prefer the comfort of the pub to the sea, or are an experienced yacht sailor looking for regular chances to get out on the water, you'll find plenty of opportunities with us.

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