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Falmouth University & Exeter Cornwall Campus (FXU)

Falmouth & Exeter Sailing (FXUSC)

Contact Information

Email: fxusailing@yahoo.co.uk

Falmouth & Exeter Sailing (FXUSC) is the Sailing Club for students studying at Falmouth University and University of Exeter Cornwall Campus. We welcome all abilities - from beginners to experienced sailors.

We have a fleet of dinghies based at the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club in Falmouth, including a Laser, two Pico\'s, a Wayfarer, as well as a J24 keelboat based at Mylor Harbour - all available for regular sailing. If you want to learn how to sail, have a cruise in the beautiful Falmouth harbour or form a racing team, we are the club for you!

Weekly Session Info: J24: Weekend sessions are available, weather permitting for all sailing abilities: 10am-1pm (morning session) and 1.30pm – 4pm (afternoon session) on Saturdays and Sundays. £5 a session.

Dinghies: Day sessions, £6 a session can be booked any day, provided you are an experienced sailor and have had an induction at RCYC with a member of the committee. If you want to learn to sail the dinghies, get in contact with us.