BUSA project bidding document Please submit the form via email to

The window for applying for funding from the 2022-23 BUSA Development Fund is open. The window for applying for funding will be open until the 27th November, at which point applications will be considered based on a variety of factors namely the feasibility, necessity, cost and accordance with the principal focus areas for development this year. The project laid out will be reviewed by myself (the Development Officer), the relevant Area Chair and the Senior Committee.

All of this information can be found attached to the form above in the 'Guide to Creating a Successful Bid'. Examples of applications from last year include training events, RYA Courses, women's coaching, bosun training day, Firefly restoration, as well as Learn to Sail schemes. For any further information please email me at development@busa.co.uk

Kind Regards,

Harley Stone

BUSA Development Officer