Southampton Solent University – the ‘defender’ – and CUS Milano Credit:

The line-up on Thursday night was, again, France (now with a unassailable lead) – Solent (‘defender’) – Southampton – Cork, with Lausanne in 5th.

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The line-up into the final day:
1 Euromed Arthur Loyd, France (9 pts)
2 Solent University, England (defender) (17 pts)
3 Southampton University, England (27 pts)
4 Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland (33 pts)
5 EPFLausanne, Switzerland (37 pts)
6 University of Dalhousie, Canada (48 pts)
7 CUS Milano, Italy (52 pts)
8 Glasgow University, Scotland (59 pts)
9 Ecole Polytechnique Madrid, Spain (63 pts)
10 Maine Maritime Academy, USA (65 pts)
11 NTNU, Norway (70 pts)
12 Nautical School Dom Henrique, Portugal (73 pts)
13 Jaguiellonian University, Poland (78 pts)
14 Xiamen University, China (96 pts)
15 Kobe University, Japan (101 pts)

Michalis Pateniotis of reports on today’s racing:
“The wind was blowing hard this morning and the race committee had to postponed the races for two hours. At 12:00 the first race started with 18 knots of breeze and some threatening clouds at the horizon. The French team was first at the top mark followed by the British team. Everything was looking good until a huge black cloud covered the racing area and the wind died completely. The spinnakers were dropped and the students had to be patient and careful to choose their route in order to finish.
“Finally the wind came from the opposite direction and the boats had to sail upwind to the finish line. The British sailed well but not well enough to overtake the French, they finished with just a boat length difference. The breeze was just enough to leave all the boats cross the finish line and then died again.
“After an hour waiting for the sailors the wind filled up the gulf again and the race committee started the second race for the day. They preferred to do a coastal race that would include a long upwind, then a reach and finish downwind in front of the harbor. The French seemed unstoppable and even that they had a bad start the managed to round the upwind mark first again. The Irish team was right behind them but after damage to their jib halyard they fell into third and the British team climbed into second.
“The French team has done a great job so far and they have a safety point difference from the defenders that are in second place. The Irish after a protest for redress took their bullet back from the third day and are now in third place very close to the British. Tomorrow is the last day of the Student Yachting World Cup and the forecast is not very promising, with shifty light winds and everything s open for the podium. Stay tuned to find out the winner of the SYWoC 31st edition.

Southampton University get back into podium contention on the penultimate day

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