Become a BUSA Alumni Member

In 2020-21, we would like to set up two ways that alumni donations could support the next generation. Even a £5 donation to one of these could make a meaningful difference.

British University Sailing Association (BUSA) are offering Alumni membership to graduate University sailors who wish to offer continued support to University sailing. BUSA will be using funds obtained through alumni membership to improve BUSA’s ability to ‘give back’ to University sailing by improving development opportunities and ensuring the BUSA tour is supported appropriately.

By becoming an Alumni member, you will receive an annual newsletter and could support one of the following initiatives aiming at improving member experience:

The Alumni Development Award

In 2019-20, clubs receiving just £100 per initiative made huge steps forwards. The more projects supported, the faster and more wide-reaching the development of university sailing will be. Help us reward the most innovative club projects with a boost in funding, a trophy, wider publicity and support to ensure the longevity of the initiative moving forwards.

Support the BUSA-ICSA Tour Team

One of the longest traditions for BUSA has been the biannual tour, where some of the most accomplished British students take on a team of US Collegiate sailors. Currently the chance to represent BUSA in the Tour comes at a large cost to the sailors. You could help to make it more accessible for talented sailors regardless of their financial circumstances. Do you have memories or photos of your tour you'd like to share with us? We would love to hear from you!

What next - Becoming an Alumni Member

To become an Alumni Member, we kindly ask for you to contribute an annual membership fee of £10. You are welcome to contribute more than this and we look forward to discussing with you to which project you would prefer your donation to support. Payment can be made online through our website.