Entries as of 17.00 1st December 2010

Area University Team
SUSA Aberdeen 1st
SUSA Aberdeen 2nd
SUSA Aberdeen 3rd
SUSA Dundee 1st
SUSA Dundee 2nd
SUSA Edinburgh 1st
SUSA Edinburgh 2nd
SUSA Glasgow 1st
SUSA Glasgow 2nd
SUSA St Andrews 1st
SUSA St Andrews 2nd
SUSA Strathclyde 1st
SUSA Strathclyde 2nd
ANUSC Durham 1st
ANUSC Durham 2nd
ANUCS Durham 3rd
ANUCS Hull (TBC) 1st
ANUCS Lancaster 1st
ANUCS Leeds 1st
ANUCS Leeds 2nd
ANUCS Liverpool 1st
ANUCS Liverpool 2nd
ANUCS Manchester 1st
ANUCS Manchester 2nd
ANUCS Newcastle 1st
ANUCS Newcastle 2nd
ANUCS Newcastle 3rd
ANUCS Sheffield 1st
ANUCS Sheffield 2nd
ANUCS Sheffield 3rd
ANUCS Sheffield Hallam 1st
ANUCS York 1st
ANUCS York 2nd
ANUCS York 3rd
West Aberystwyth 1st
West Aberystwyth 2nd
West Bath 1st
West Bath 2nd
West Bath 3rd
West Bristol 1st
West Bristol 2nd
West Bristol 3rd
West Bristol 4th
West Cardiff 1st
West Cardiff 2nd
West Exeter 1st
West Exeter 2nd
West Exeter 3rd
West Plymouth 1st
West Plymouth 2nd
West Plymouth 3rd
West Swansea 1st
West Swansea 2nd
West UWE 1st
West UWE 2nd
SUCS Brunel 1st
SUCS Brunel 2nd
SUCS Imperial 1st
SUCS London 1st
SUCS London 2nd
SUCS Oxford 1st
SUCS Oxford 2nd
SUCS Oxford 3rd
SUCS Oxford Brookes 1st
SUCS Portsmouth 1st
SUCS Portsmouth 2nd
SUCS Solent 1st
SUCS Solent (TBC) 2nd
SUCS Southampton 1st
SUCS Southampton 2nd
SUCS Southampton 3rd
SUCS Southampton 4th
MID Birmingham 1st
MID Birmingham 2nd
MID Cambridge 1st
MID Cambridge 2nd
MID Coventry 1st
MID Loughborough 1st
MID Loughborough 2nd
MID Nottingham 1st
MID Nottingham 2nd
MID Nottingham 3rd
MID Warwick 1st
MID Warwick 2nd
MID Warwick 3rd
LADIES Bristol 1st
LADIES Cardiff 1st
LADIES Edinburgh 1st
LADIES Exeter 1st
LADIES Leeds 1st
LADIES Loughborough 1st
LADIES Southampton 1st

Entries:  Please note that entries for the above competition close on  Wednesday 1st December 2010.

Teams will only be accepted once the completed form (signed off by your AU/Sports Office), entry fee and damage deposit are received.

Teams must consist of 6 sailors.

Entries will be confirmed by e-mail when they are received in full.    Full conditions of entry, fees and who they are payable too are available in the Notice of Race.

There may be limited spaces at each qualifier, therefore early entry is recommended.

The Pre-event information, Notice of Race and Entry forms are available on the Downloads page.

Upcoming Events
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Organized by BUSA
13 to 15 April 2020

BUCS/BUSA Match Racing Championships

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17 to 19 April 2020

The Wilson Trophy

Organized by Other
1 to 3 May 2020

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