BUSA 2021 Development Fund Round 1 Information

The Development Fund is a pot of money set aside by BUSA every year to support development in university sailing. Development Officers in the past few years have used the fund to address specific issues in student sailing, by supporting and funding University Sailing Clubs (USCs) who are delivering projects which address this issue. For example, the development money has been used to fund collaboration with the Magenta project, run regional team racing training, purchase sailiability equipment and fund a social sailing event.

This year we would like to support applications for projects which should address one of the focus areas for development for the year:

  • Improving a USC’s ability to run training for beginners and developing teams.
  • Widening participation within university sailing, for example through women-in-sailing, sailability or equality and diversity.
  • Supporting racing development

Please submit an application using the guidance in the bidding document (this can also be found at https://busa.co.uk/development/busa-and-development).

All applications should be submitted to [email protected] before the closing date of 23:59 on 1st October 2021.

The maximum funding that can be applied for is £200. If funding is given to development events, these must be open to all BUSA member USCs. Any application for more than the maximum amount or for support other than financial requires a conversation with the BUSA development officer prior to submitting an application. Funds are limited, but alternative funding mechanisms may be possible for larger and more complex projects with higher costs, as are other support mechanisms.

If your application is successful you will be expected to write a post project report.

Subsequent rounds of development funding being opened will depend on the number of projects funded in the previous rounds.

Decisions about the success of applications will be made by the 19th October 2021

While the final decision regarding funding success lies with the development officer, and the senior committee which deal with club development and strategy (Chair, Vice chair, Vice President, Development Officer). If your project targets a specific region or area of sailing then the relevant officer will also be consulted.

If you have any questions about how to fund your project or about filling in this form then please drop the BUSA Development Officer an email on [email protected]

- Kate Ledgard, BUSA Development Officer 2021-2022