SUSC is really grateful to have been awarded the BUSA development grant of £200 to put towards purchasing warm kit for our club. After considering what would be most appropriate, and after taking into account suggestions made by BUSA committee, we purchased a number of gloves, boots, and spray tops to ensure our supplies can sufficiently kit out sailors throughout the year. Gloves were purchased from Rooster in the ‘work glove’ style suggested to make them more cost effective, whilst boots were purchased from Gul, and spray tops from Tribord. We made the most of special offers and discounts to maximise the cost effectiveness of the purchases.

Since arriving, the items have already been put to good use. Sessions can now be run in all weather, for all sailors, allowing more people to keep training and learning. It has opened doors to those who would otherwise be unable to sail throughout the cold winter months, and so makes our club more inclusive to all those interested in sailing. This new kit also makes sailing safer for individuals without their own as they can stay warmer when on the water. Sessions are now better attended and more enjoyable, with sailors able to sail with increased comfort. This is greatly improving our club’s reach and helping us get as many people introduced to university sailing as possible.

Being able to open sessions to sailors without their own kit enables progression towards achieving the shared aim of making sailing more accessible to a wider demographic. The club is very grateful for the funding, and we are confident the kit will be used and appreciated by many cohorts of Sheffield sailors in the years to come.