An increase in beginner activity due to the recent affiliation with Spinnaker Sailing Club, we have had a higher demand to borrow kit. As most of us are aware, being able to purchase the vital equipment consisting of a buoyancy aid and spray top can be a barrier preventing people from trying out the sport at University. Therefore this year, we applied to the BUSA Development Fund asking for their help to enable us to purchase Buoyancy Aids and Spray Tops to remove that barrier for people wanting to join the club and participate in the sport we all love.

Fortunately we were awarded the funding and have been able to purchase the necessary items, meaning more people can be out on the water more regularly. The beginners who have been wearing the new kit on the water have said what a difference it has made and they are delighted that more people can now sail at the same time due to the increased number of buoyancy aids.

I'm delighted to share with you the picture below of some of our sailors in their new kit.

Adam Morris

Commodore of UPSC