Fleet Sailing – Humphreys (Bath) defends title
Bath’s Matthew Humphreys defended his Fleet Racing Handicap title in Weymouth on Saturday (November 1), ahead of Southampton Institute’s James Macintosh and Sam Pascoe.

In the laser category, Mark Powell (Oxford) took victory over Exeter’s Charles Ballie Strong and Southampton’s Dan Ward.

Other medal winning performances are as follows:

Laser II
1. Paul Smalley and James Tingle (Warwick)
2. Rob Sharpocks and Tim Riley (Bath)
3. Peter Ellis and Nick Farrar (Plymouth)

Larks and Fireflys
1. Alex Cherry & Edward Surrey (Exeter)
2. Paul Campbell James and Dave Steed (Southampton)
3. Mark Lees and Verity Birch (London)

The event, due to be held over two days, was shortened to a one-day event because of a poor weather forecast for the Sunday. This meant that instead of running three races on Saturday and two on Sunday, four races were run on Saturday to decide the medals in the 2003-2004 BUSA Fleet Sailing Championships.

For full results see the BUSA Sport Website.

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