We are looking forward to working closely with Keith into the 2020-21 season and beyond.

Keith Sammons, owner of kSail, will be a familiar face to many on the team racing circuit and further afield. The chances are that if you have attended a BUSA, university, or schools event then there would have been a link to kSail somewhere.

Specialists in event management, kSail offer free race scheduling and standardised forms to help clubs deliver top-quality team racing and we would encourage all university clubs to make use of this. In addition, university clubs can submit results from their hosted events to kSail for publication post event, helping to keep a record of event results from each season.

Alongside kSail’s event services, many of you will also be familiar with the kSail online shop which offers a one-stop shop for Firefly spares and replacement parts (accompanied with some useful advice so you know what to do with them!). As part of our new partnership, all our affiliated university clubs have the opportunity to sign up for a club account with kSail through which they can access a discounted price list for the online shop.

If that’s not good enough, they will also be able to access further discounts for 2 weeks prior to and following any team racing event they are hosting. Perfect to get your Fireflies in order pre-event and replace things that break afterwards!

To ensure that your university club gains all the benefits possible from the BUSA/kSail partnership, please register your club with kSail online.

Throughout the Autumn, BUSA will be running a series of webinars to share useful content and support universities across a number of different areas. Once complete, these will all be saved to our Youtube channel to be viewed on demand. Keep an eye out for the following webinars and give them a watch to tap into some of Keith’s expertise:

  • Improving your Fireflies, whatever your budget – 8th October 2020, 7pm
  • Making your team racing event a success – 22nd October 2020, 7pm

If you have any further questions regarding our partnership with kSail and what this means for your club, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

You can also contact Keith at kSail directly.