As of 7 December 2010, BUSA’s records show the following universities have STILL not paid their subs.  These teams must contact BUSA immediately as they have not completed the entry process for the BUCS/BUSA Team Racing.

– Aberystwyth

– Birmingham

– Cardiff

– Coventry

As of 12 November 2010, BUSA’s records show the following universities have not paid their subs:

– Aberystwyth

– Birmingham

– Cambridge

– Cardiff

– Coventry

– Dundee

– Falmouth

– Glasgow

– Liverpool

– Portsmouth 


Until you have paid your subs, you cannot enter the Team Racing Qualifiers.  After 1 December 2010, an additional £100 late entry feeper team applies for the Qualifiers.  So it is in clubs’ interests to pay their subs before 1 December (or to send a cheque for the subs with their team racing entry forms).

If you have not received your subs invoice or have lost it, please contact Jess Beecher and a replacement can be emailed to you.

If you think you have paid your subs, please contact Jess Beecher immediately with the date on which you think you paid and the payment method.  If your union paid by bank transfer, please speak to them and ask them what reference will have appeared on the bank transfer.  We have at least one payment that we cannot match up to a club because the only reference on the payment is “UNIVERSITY UNION”

Jon Napier

BUSA Honorary Treasurer

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