How can you and your university sailing club kickstart or progress in your sustainability initiatives?

Over the summer we are introducing our ‘In Focus’ weeks, aiming to highlight some of the projects we have been working hard on and giving your club the knowledge and resources to engage in them! This week, we have kicked off with Sustainability.

Have you considered becoming involved with sustainability initiatives over your time at university? As a university sailing club, getting involved is easier than you may think- and we are here to support you! The RYA Green Blue Sustainability Challenge has been gaining traction in recent years and this year BUSA wants to encourage and support you more than ever to get involved. As we plan sessions to fit within our governments COVID-19 guidelines, why not incorporate another goal and improve your club's environmental sustainability?

You can find the resources we have shared over the week below:

  • A video highlighting some of our member clubs who have already set up initiatives. This could be you next year!
  • A brilliant interview with Kate our Midlands Area Chair and Dee Caffari (MBE). Find 20 minutes of your day to sit down with a cuppa and listen to her stories, advice and support for university sailing clubs.
  • An accessible guide for university sailing clubs, aiming to help you begin making sustainable changes.
  • Our new website Development section, bringing together resources and hot off the press sustainability initiatives in the sailing world.

As sailors, we all enjoy the time we spend around or on the water at university. So, why not help keep it clean? As keen and regular users of these marine environments, we have a responsibility to be drivers of progress. We, as university clubs, are in a prime position to raise awareness amongst our wider communities.

If you’d like to get involved with the Green Blue Challenge, the first step is to contact Kate – info@thegreenblue.org.uk. All clubs will have received an email at the beginning of the week providing you further details on what this involves, as does the below infographic. If you think you didn’t receive this, send Hannah an email to busasec@gmail.com to ensure we have the correct details for your club.

We would love to see more collaboration between clubs, to have a greater positive environmental impact over this coming year. If over the last week, you have considered putting yourself forward or you already have a sustainability officer within your sailing club, send an email to busacommittee@gmail.com or find Kate Ledgards details from our social media posts over the last few days.

We are setting up a group for sharing ideas and media over the year- hopefully culminating in a big group trip to the RYA Dinghy Show at the end of the year for our annual awards presentation (and a few treats for officers to thank you for your hard work over the year.. which may or may not be Chilly’s bottles/rash vests)!