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Mark Lees Mark Lees
Mark Lees is from London University and is captain of the BUSA team.
Andrew Cornah Andrew Cornah
Andrew Cornah is from Southampton University, has won the BUSA championships twice, and is the teams training co-oridinator.
Andrew Bryson Andrew Bryson
Andrew Bryson is from Loughborough University, is the teams sponsorship officer. The team currently has little or no money.
Jamie Reid Jamie Reid
Jamie Reid is from Cambridge University, and is the oldest member of the team at 32 and a half. He is also Sonar National Champion.
Ian Martin Ian Martin
Ian Martin is from London University, and has represented Great Britain at the ISAF youth world championships.
David Cheshire David Cheshire
David Cheshire is from Loughborough University, and is self proclaimed sexiest bowman in the world.
Ali Hall Ali Hall
Ali Hall is from Oxford University and came second at the BUSA team racing championships.
Chris Martin Chris Martin
Chris Martin is from London University, and what Rachel doesn’t know won’t hurt her. He also also represented Great Britain at the ISAF Youth Worlds
Sam Carter Sam Carter
Sam Carter is from Southampton University, and is heir to an international tea-pot empire.
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