As you may or may not know, this September BUSA are sending a team of

our best 6-9 sailors to America to compete against the best sailors in the ICSA

(the US equivalent of BUSA) in a month long sailing tour. BUSA have held

the overall title since 2001. In recent years we drew the series 2-2 in the US in

September 2007, and won it 3-1 in July 2009 in the UK. For further details on

the long and star-studded history of the tour check out:

The tour will consist of 2 boat keelboat team racing, 3 boat dinghy team-

racing in double handers and in lasers and a match-racing event, with venues

spread around the east coast of America. The team will be chosen by a panel of

external selectors from sailors performances at the upcoming BUSA team-racing

and match-racing final. If you would like to be considered for team selection

then please fill out the attached form and either email or post it to me. My

contact details are below and on the form.

This competition truly is the pinnacle of university sailing. It is the most pres-

tigious university sailing competition in the world, and a fantastic opportunity

to represent your country. I would encourage anyone to apply (boys and girls

the tour is an open competition) and so please spread the word around your

university sailing clubs to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to be

selected. The deadline for applications is the 1st of April 2011, but the sooner

I receive the forms the better.

Full Selection Notice (below) and Application forms are available on the Downloads page. 

Applications should be sent to:

Mark Powell

2F2 Strathearn Road



Or e-mailed to:

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