On the 7th and 8th December, the trials for the BUSA team took place at the
Welsh Harp in London. On Saturday, a random pairs event was held. Martin
Smethers was kept busy in the umpire boat, with lots of close racing and
protests. On Sunday, some three boat racing took place with everyone
swapping teams after every few races. The BUSA team will compete at the
Wilson in May, and potentially several other events during the spring.

Results from Random Pairs.

Mark Lees/Verity Birch 9 Wins
John Clifton/Neil Baker 8 Wins
Charlie Somerset/Jules Kingsworth 8 Wins
Chris Martin/Rachel Harrison 7 Wins
John Wilson/Pippa Cresdee 7 Wins
Al Hall/Anya Woods 6 Wins
Nick Charles/Helen Whiteman 6 Wins
Gordon Bennell/Orwin Murray 6 Wins
Jim Eynon/Anneka Smith 5 Wins
George Hartson/Wendy Carlin 5 Wins
Dave Stead/Susie Short 4 Wins
Matt Findlay/Tony Lewis 4 Wins
Jon Blackburn/Jess Makey 3 Wins

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