Latest Tour Update

George Atwell, University of Liverpool SC, has been appointed Tour Manager for the 2023 edition. He writes; ‘Having taken over the organisation of the BUSA/ICSA Tour a couple of weeks ago, I am in the process now of meeting both with my American counterpart Charles Higgins, and Tour alumni, to discuss the event format for the 2023 Tour and to ensure that there is agreement to how the event is run. With this edition, I am keen to get all universities involved and helping with hosting the respective trophy events, as well as to get as many alumni involved in socials and racing. The British leg of the tour is currently being planned for July/August 2023, with a potential US leg following after this. In the coming weeks I will be contacting university sailing clubs regarding their interest in hosting Trophy Events and other ways that they can get involved. If anyone is interested, or has any questions, please contact me on

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