Round 1 of the Development Fund went to a variety of different projects. The purchase of cold weather kit to aid the inclusivity of winter training sessions. Primarily, this kit will be used to hep beginners engage in the sport, thus increasing the size of University Sailing Clubs.

Key issues, such as increasing female participation within university sailing clubs, will be targeted through the development fund this year. Putting on ‘This Girl Can’ sessions, which aim to facilitate, promote and enhance the level of, female sailing, will hopefully rectify the current gender imbalances we see within our sport.

Other Universities won funding for high-commitment projects, such as repairing currently out-of-action Fireflys. This is also important for maintaining a level of participation within our sport. The most successful projects will run alongside parallel fundraisers, to ensure they are done to best ability and to ensure the longevity of this kind of maintenance.

Training was also funded as a result of the Round 1 applications. This was aimed at developing clubs who are not yet competitive on the team-racing circuit. The grant should enable team-building, participation and ultimately engagement in the wider circuit, increasing the access of students to university sailing.