Hi all,

I'm Matty, the Development Officer for the upcoming 2023-24 season.

Here is the 2023-24 Development Survey! Please can this be filled in by senior Committee members e.g.. your Commodore, to the best of their knowledge. It might require further discussion amongst Committee members - and with the outgoing Committee - for the different sections. The more information that goes into it, the easier it is for us to help your club develop in the upcoming season. Also, please note Sailing Clubs cannot apply for development funding without having filled in this survey first. The deadline to do so is 14th August.

(link here)

Moving forward, I have a different form for Club Commodores / Committee members to fill in. Here is a form to gauge interest in running a women's training weekend in the upcoming year. Please can this be filled in on behalf of your University Sailing Club. It might require discussion with your current members to ensure it can be filled in as accurately as possible. It's purely an expression of interest, and doesn't tie your hands to anything! The deadline to fill this in is the 31st July.

(link here)

Any questions please drop me a line development@busa.co.uk