What a year 2020 has been. I am sure that is a phrase we will hear more and more over the next month. Despite this, November has seen incredible efforts by many of our member clubs to raise awareness and money for the important cause that is mens mental health. Through running, cycling and growing itchy moustaches, our student clubs have raised £26,599 (and counting). As the unelected student sailing ambassador (and elected BUSA Chair) I am so proud to see our clubs keeping morale high, supporting an extremely important cause and raising an amazing amount of money. In this article, I would like to show you a snippet of what our top 5 clubs have been up to.

5. Loughborough (raising £2,078 between them)

Top fundraiser : Club commodore Grace, raising £610

Distance moved : 806km (plus many moustache cms)

4. Exeter (raising £2,096 between them)

Top fundraiser: Ben Hebblethwaite (also commendable for our only fresher top fundraiser!)

Total moved: 737km (and a marathon for good measure)

3. University of East Anglia (raising £2,240 between them)

Top fundraiser: Vishay Karia, raising £1,146.

Distance moved: 357km – very impressive!

2. St Andrews (raising £2,588 between them)

Top fundraiser: Commodore Connor Lurringraising £1,250.34

Distance moved: 702km

And the run away 1… University College Dublin (raising an incredible £11,195)

27th highest fundraisers in Ireland

Total mos: 16

Distance covered: 1,134km moved (running, walking and swimming)

Total wild swims: Over 300… and 30 sunrises to go along with them

Members taking part: 35 – but every member supported in every way they could

Years doing Movember? ‘This is our 3rd year doing Movember but our total is almost tripled compared to the last 2 years combined.’

Congratulations to every participant, every club and every person who donated. This month has shown how charitable student sailors are across every single one of our regions and if we could have featured everyone we would have. Check out our Instagram stories and highlights to see more of what everyone has been up to. And to our members reading this - well done for making a difference and we look forward to seeing you all on the water soon (fingers crossed).