not our graffiti!
The team about to take on Boston University

Rigging by the Charles river

looking good
Andy Bryson crewing for Ian Martin (They came second in th ‘A’ league)

nice roll tack
Tacking for the lead in race 1

Rounding the mark
Meanwhile, Al and Chris headed up a nearby skyscraper to get some shots of the action.

The Charles river. On the left, the Boston Red Sox getting beaten by Chicago. On the right, everone else getting beaten by BUSA

The Racecourse
Fleet racing was round an olympic triangle

MIT. The team will visit here in the last week of the tour.

Racing under the Boston skyline
Racing under the Boston skyline.

Team Harvard
On Sunday, BUSA won the team racing event at Harvard, sailing out of Harvard’s compact floating boathouse on the Charles River, just nextdoor to MIT

oooh look
looking on in awe……..

….as the world’s strongest woman singlehandedly lifts a Lark out of the water, ready for storage.

Harvard Uni
Harvard University in the early morning, as the team sleeps off the results of a particularly strenuous pub quiz.

big skysraper
A skyscrsper, a bit like the one we went up

Jamie. Second visit to underacheivement-land

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