Team Photo at Brown
On a breezier day, the team prepare to take on Brown in their 420s

The facilities at URI, where the team’s first attempt to sail FJs…..

…ended in embarrasment.

how to roll tack properly
FJ’s feel a bit like Fireflies, so most of the team managed alright.

Jamie and Al
Light winds were the order of the day.

Mark and Chris
The light wind team practicing for the weekend at Dartmouth.

Mystic Lake
The team who trained at Tufts, outside their facility at Mystic Lake

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeere BACK!
Tufts coach Ken Legler, who you may have heard at the Wilson Trophy. Ken was a mine of useful information when we arrived, allowing us to pack a few more regattas into our busy program

al enjoying himself
The team take to the water in Tufts’ Larks and Lasers for a spot of team racing and fleet racing practice. To allow everyone to practice helming, we took Tufts students as crews (all girls, by remarkable coincidence)

tiller towards you Jamie
Jamie bears away hard to avoid sudden exposure to sunlight

Mystic Lake is reminiscent of English lakes like Spinnaker, maybe even a bit more shifty, so the team felt at home and performed strongly.

gybe mark action
Jamie leads the fleet round the gybe mark

Dave sporting the DOTD costume, for the second time.

On the way home from training with Brown, a local dressed in a gorilla suit riding a Lambretta sped past us. There was, of course, only one option, which was to take chase and secure a photograph. It got a bit blurred in the excitement, but you get the general idea.

car doubles as washing line
After a week on the road, the team take the morning out to attend to the delicate aromas that have developed in the cars.

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