195 sailors, in 105 boats and four fleets, competed last weekend in Plymouth Sound for the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) Fleet Racing Championships 2012, in conjunction with British Universities Sailing Association (BUSA). The event was hosted by Mount Batten Sailing Centre, in conjunction with a partnership of Plymouth University and its Sports Union, Plymouth Youth Sailing, Plymouth Marine Institute and the University’s Sailing Club, drawing in many volunteers.

In spite of some heavy winds coming in on Saturday, together with large vessel movements, and then a 180 degree wind shift on Sunday between races, all Fleets completed three races over the weekend.

Impressively, the University of Plymouth medalled in every fleet, and were crowned BUCS Fleet Racing Champions 2012. The team competition placed the University of Exeter 2nd, Southampton Solent University 3rd, Bristol University 4th and Loughborough University 5th.

BUCS medals and trophies were awarded at the prize giving and the following summarizes the leaders in each Fleet, together with the BUCS points awarded, together with the allocation of BUCS points to teams.

BUCS Points earned by boat:

Fast Handicap:
1st Michael Matthews & Iain Millar (29er) Loughborough University (12 BUCS points)
2nd Jack Holden & Carla Sheldon (RS200) Southampton Solent (8 BUCS points)
3rd Tim Norris & (RS400) University of Plymouth (6 BUCS points)
4th James Penty & Sam Jacklin (RS200) University of Plymouth (4 BUCS points)

Slow Handicap:
1st Sarah Alton & Harry Derbyshire (420) Cardiff University (12 BUCS points)
2nd Pete McCoy (Finn) University of Plymouth (8 BUCS points)
3rd Nia Jones & Freya Adams (420) University of Exeter (6 BUCS points)
4th Meia Harnett & Ed Riley (420) University of Exeter (4 BUCS points)

1st Lorenzo Chiavarini, University of Plymouth (12 BUCS points)
2nd Filip Kobielski, Aston University (8 BUCS points)
3rd Andrew Brown, Newcastle University (6 BUCS points)
4th Cameron Douglas, University of Bristol (4 BUCS points)

1st Craig Dibb & Ali Masters, University of Plymouth (12 BUCS points)
2nd Jason Saints & Lucy Goff, University of Exeter (8 BUCS points)
3rd Phil Sparks & Poppy Maxwell, University of Bristol (6 BUCS points)
4th Chris Rust & James Vineer, University of Portsmouth (4 BUCS points)
Team Trophy and team BUCS points:
1st Plymouth University 20 BUCS points
2nd Exeter University 14 BUCS points
3rd Southampton Solent University 10 BUCS points
4th Bristol University 7 BUCS points
5th Loughborough University 5 BUCS points
6th Portsmouth University 3 BUCS points
7th Surrey University 2 BUCS points
8th Birmingham University 1 BUCS point

Full Report
Final Results – Fast Handicap
Final Results – Slow Handicap
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Final Results – Firefly Fleet
Allocation of BUCS Points

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