It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of Karen Thomas, BUSA Chair 2019-2021 and Midlands Area Representative 2018-2019.

Karen was a member of the University sailing community for many years competing for Bangor, Birmingham and Cambridge Universities. At Bangor University she was a steering force behind them joining the university team racing circuit.

Karen's drive within BUSA to improve university sailing was incredible. Her work focused upon increasing access and diversity within the university sailing community, including creating opportunities for those with disabilities, and those who had never previously sailed. Whether she was found on the water racing, helping out at events, or driving BUSA forwards she was always kind and generous, and provided support to her committee and peers, helping develop the skills of those to follow in her footsteps. There is no better example of this than the work she put into creating the Midland's Mixer, an event still going today.

Her hard work for the sailing community will still be felt for many years from now, and for many generations of university sailors. She will remain in the memory of everyone she knew and touched.

Rest in Peace Karen