To support this activity the RYA runs a two part programme to develop and strengthen the Team Race skills of sailors aged eighteen and over, with the aim of providing these sailors with the ability to:

1. Participate effectively on the UK Open and University Team Racing circuit.

2. Develop and strengthen the skills necessary to compete successfully at top level nationally and internationally.

3. To be selected for the RYA Development Team Race Teams for national and international events.


Who for?

For all sailors 18 years and above who have a good background in either team or fleet racing in dinghies.

Teams of 6 sailors are requested to apply altogether.  Individual (helm & crews) may apply, but we will only put you in touch with others who are trying to form a team.  Entries opening NOW!.



The programme:


Stage 1 Development Training – 17/18 December (Fri/Sat)

Aim: To provide two days of intensive team racing skill training for those who are currently participating in UK Open and/or University Team Racing.  This Training takes place over two days at the beginning of December at Bough Beech, Kent. Coaching provided by Team GBR Team Racers. This training will be used to select 24 sailors for Stage 2.


Stage 2 RYA Selected Team Race Training – 29/30 January and 26/27 March

Aim: To enhance the skill base of the best Team Racers so that they can improve competition performance.

By:  providing two weekends of intensive team race training for the top 24 sailors within the programme. (both at ) Coaching provided by Team GBR Team Racers. This training will be used to select The RYA Development Team.


RYA Development Team:

The RYA Development Team will be given entry to an event.

Upcoming Events
2020 Wessex Winter Warmer

Organized by Southampton
25 to 26 January 2020

Brunel Badger

Organized by Brunel
25 to 26 January 2020

The Warwick Turtle

Organized by Warwick
25 to 26 January 2020

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