Hugo Foret reports on Tuesday morning: “After two days of difficult weather – see Monday’s storm (inc. interview with BenSaxton) – this is indeed our first day of racing, with two windward-leeward races, an inshore race and the night race”. It looks like the two Sotons are making good progress.

And we have identified all our guys: England (Southampton): Andrew Shaw, Aaron Cooper, Ed Dyer, Ben Saxton, Tim Goodhew, Philippa Horne, Cath Jordan & Holly Scott. England (Southampton Solent): Rob Gullan, Alan Roberts, Benoit Mancini, Sam Peters, Chris O’Neil, Heather Slater, Cat Plats & Tom Greenaway. Scotland (Glasgow): Moray Clark, Henry Vulianen, Peder Schimmell, Ailsa pender, Alex Eriavis, Samuel Tabor & Charlie Foot.

Follow the racing on the Event Website and Facebook – event page. See Videoo reports on YouTube (Andy Shaw, Aaron Cooper and Pippa Horn feature) and Yachts & Yachting – Day 1 report.

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