In the week leading up to the event, discussions were happening around the weather forecast and prayers were being made to the weather god but in the end the decision was made on Friday afternoon to postpone racing until the Sunday. In an effort to preserve our boats and avoid any damages, Edinburgh University (the hosts for the weekend) pulled a tremendous shift; they travelled to Loch Ore, de-masted all the bats, tied them to their trolleys and huddled them into a corner. Saturday saw gusts of 58 knots pass through so sailors turned to mini golf, tours of Edinburgh and trips to the Aquarium.

The forecast for Saturday morning was light winds and on arrival at 0800 this was the case. In a fantastic effort from the host university and all the competitors, 24 masts were put up, boats were rigged, ribs were launched and a course was laid in time for the briefing at 0945 and a first gun at 1012.Racing was slow to begin with but by half past 12 we had completed 23 races and the wind had built to a steady 12 knots gusting into the high teens. The decision was made to reef the bottom two flights whilst the playoffs were happening and then a 3rd League was started just after half 1.The wind remained steady for the next hour and a half (20 races) but then the calm before the storm came in and the last 4 races were sailed in very light conditions, after which racing was cancelled for the day.

Another great effort was pulled by the host club and competitors to have all the boats de-rigged with masts down in time for the prize-giving at 1630. Of course as everyone was driving home perfect sailing condition filled in.

By the end of the weekend the rankings were as follows:

Prizes this weekend were kindly sponsored Tunnocks!