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Southampton Green takes the title, ahead of Cambridge Blue, Exeter Blue and Imperial Blue.

Rain, wind, no wind, snow, a first beat ‘more holey than Swiss cheese‘ (Paris Thomas)…..all the worst weather, but, nevertheless, a ‘good event and well-organised’

See the Report with photos and the full Results .

Live Results and other information were posted on Ksail.co.uk. Glasgow USC volunteers provided a continuous blog of results etc. on BUSA twitter - @BUSAsailing.and on the Event Facebook page, managed by GUSC. This included live video and commentary on the Quarters, Semis and Finals, thanks to Mark 'Trap' Taylor and Tweak McLeod

Some brief interviews were held with sailors in the boat park and marquee during the event by Brendan Lynch of Edinburgh.

Photography was by Leanne Fischler and Robbie Fowler. Their galleries were uploaded on the Event Facebook page.