You may recall that last December, David Carr, a talented youth sailor was given a return ticket to New Zealand for his Christmas holidays. He came, he trained, he sailed and he learnt. His time in New Zealand was extremely beneficial and time well spent.
Well, time has flown by since then and this time round David (20) is joined by John Clifton (21), Jeremy Elliot (23) and Simon Shaw (23).
These young sailors have been recognised by GBR Challenge for their Sailing skills and abilities in different areas and on various boats. Between them their experience in Match Racing and Fleet racing – in both big boats and in dinghies belies their young age.
This unique opportunity given to them by GBR Challenge, not only benefits the individual but ensures that Britain has up and coming sailors that have hands on experience on America?s Cup boats. For the future of British Sailing there is no doubt that this forward thinking is a step towards getting Great Britain right back into the game after many years away.

Ian Walker, Double Olympic medallist and skipper of GBR Challenge welcomes the youth students ?History shows that to win the America’s Cup you need to plan for the future and retain knowledge from one campaign to the next. You also need to invest in the future and the experience gained by these young sailors with GBR Challenge in this campaign will be invaluable. We have selected young sailors who have demonstrated not only great talent but just as importantly, great attitude in their own sailing?.

Jim Saltonstall, MBE and BUSA (British Universities Sailing Association) Chairman is really enthusiastic about the youth project that GBR are so keen to use as a tool for learning ?This will be a great experience for them?.
?Having this opportunity brings on the next generation of A.C. sailors who will not
only thoroughly enjoy themselves, but will also learn a tremendous amount about A.C. sailing and match racing skills. The other aspects of the sport, such as all that is required to run a campaign shore side, along with the rules of match racing will further educate them.?
?I feel that these youngsters are very fortunate to be invited as guests and am sure that they will put maximum effort in to their visit & get maximum reward out of it, therefore increasing the chances of GBR success in the future of this very prestigious event. Good luck to them all.?

The young sailors arrived but a few days ago and were really thrown straight in at deep end. An introduction to the GBR Team was all they needed to get them off to a good start. Their days follow the structured routine and their inclusion in everything makes it extremely easy to feel involved. They are now viewed as part of the team, and are treated as such. Here?s looking to the future!

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