SUSA League BUSA Team Racing Qualifier 1 was hosted by the University of Strathclyde Sailing Club at Bardowie Loch on 5th & 6th November..

SUSA TRC, Niall McLeod, reports:

Saturday was originally intended to be dedicated solely to training with racing not due to start until Sunday, as per the new SUSA league format. Due to the weather forecast, however, it was decided to commence racing as soon as the breeze filled in. This didn’t happen until mid-afternoon, allowing the morning to be spent in shore-based training led by SUSA Old Boys, Rob Friend and Dave Donaldson. Eventually the breeze did arrive, allowing the teams to put into practice the new tips. Twelve races were completed before the breeze shut off and darkness fell.

Come Sunday, there was a similar forecast, and racing was postponed until first noon and then 1pm. Unfortunately, the breeze never materialised, and racing was postponed until next weekend.

Aberdeen Gold, Edinburgh Blue, Glasgow Black and Yellow and Strathclyde Blue are all currently on 100% race wins.

Thanks to the coaches, umpires and all the helpers who assisted on Saturday and turned up on Sunday to offer their services.

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