Day 1

The first day of Swansea Spartan was blowing a consistent 10-12 knots and the sailors that came down were looking forward to some good quality racing. Racing at was close and Plymouth alumni were sitting at the top at the end of day one. All sailors were looking forward to the curry social in the evening.

Day 2

The second day of Swansea Spartan brought 0-5 knots with the committee trying to wait for some wind to fill in. As time passed, we managed to get some paddle races in but due to the lack of racing so racing occurred. In the end, Plymouth Alumni pipped OTRA to take the win. We would like to say well done to all the sailors that attend and look forward to seeing everyone next year.


  1. Plymouth Alumni
  2. OTRA
  3. Swansea Alumni Leavers
  4. Cardiff Red
  5. Solent
  6. Southampton Black
  7. Swansea Alumni Latest
  8. Bath Blue
  9. Cardiff Blue
  10. Bath Yellow
  11. Surrey
  12. Swansea Green
  13. Aberystwyth
  14. Swansea Blue