The Match Racing Officer take responsibility for liaising with the RYA in the provision of the Match racing championships. This role is a development role, with a view to grow the BUSA provision of Match Racing They also form part of the fixtures committee, to select BUSA teams, identify events to attend, and facilitate the attendance at them.

  • Liaise with the RYA as to the provision of the Match Racing Championships.
  • Develop further opportunities for student match racing with the RYA.
  • Sit on the fixtures committee with the FRO, VC, KBO and VP.
  • Co-ordinate and distribute the race documentation for the Match Racing Championship.
  • Attend the Match Racing Championships as Event Director or appoint an appropriate Event Director from the BUSA committee if I am unable to attend or competing.
Useful Documents

Development guidance and resource can be found on the Development page including a guide to match racing. Ideas for further content should be sent to the BUSA development officer.

Time towards BUSA

The Match Racing officer is expected to attend a minimum of 4 meetings a year and attend BUSA Match Racing Championships, plus any extra roles undertaken. They are expected to roughly dedicate 1-2 hours a week of BUSA activities. This can vary during times of peak activity.