It is important to note the expectation is not for this individual to put together all BUSA media content, but instead to oversee and manage the content which is going through each of the media channels. The Media Co-ordinator needs to be very proactive in contacting and chasing relevant individuals for event reports after University sailing events to ensure a constant flow of media content.

  • Manage and update a media calender.
  • Create and distribute media plans before each BUSA event.
  • Manage and moderate BUSA’s social media channels, principally Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.
  • Create and distribute termly update newsletters by email.
  • Present and promote the championship events on social media.
  • Obtain and proof-read student- submitted event reports and news items, which will be sent to the Secretary to post on the BUSA Website.
  • Proactively promote BUSA activities, both to student members and externally.
  • Proactively source media material for publishing.
  • Endeavor to attend BUSA championships in person.
  • Co-ordinate the BUSA Instagram story take-overs throughout the year.
Useful Documents

Example media plan used for the 2020 BUCS Team Racing Qualifiers

Example year media plan (2020)

Time towards BUSA

The Media Co-ordinator is expected to attend a minimum of 4 meetings a year and dedicate roughly 3 hours a week to BUSA media.