The BUSA Team Racing Championship is made up of Qualifiers, Playoffs and Finals and will be competed in by over 500 sailors. Bids are open for 4 regional qualifiers (North, Midlands, West, and South), Playoffs and Finals. Hosts are essential for running the championship and I encourage all applications. If you require any support or have any questions, please get in touch Peter- team-racing@busa.co.uk


North, Midlands, Western, South -seeking hosts in these regions for approx. 18 teams

Competition Weekend: 4th/5th February 2023

Reserve Weekend: 18th/19th February 2023

The Scottish region will have their separate bidding process, please speak to the Scottish Area Rep - Jake Miller


One host for 20 teams

Competition Weekend: 4th/5th March 2023


Seeking one host for 28 teams

Competition Weekend: 10th-12th April 2023

All documents for bidding are listed below

Notice of Selection for Hosts for BUCS/BUSA Team Racing Championships

BUSA/BUCS Team Racing Championships 2023: Bid Specification

Team Racing Budget Template

BUSA Team Racing Championship Qualifiers: Likely regions for 2023