The Development Officer takes responsibility for overseeing the development of student sailing through BUSA. This role is a development role, with a view to grow the BUSA provision of student sailing, through both training opportunities and membership consultation. The last two years have seen a huge amount of growth in this area of BUSA due to two highly motivated proactive individuals being in the post. If you are willing to put time into making this role what you want it to be, it could be the most rewarding job on the committee and you could see changes you have wanted to see happen previously occur in real time.

Review the Development page to find information on BUSA development activities and resources. A number of guidance documents have been brought together to support University sailing development. BUSA hope to continue expanding this resource.

  • Identify the key areas of development needed within student sailing, with the help of the Area Chairs.
  • Lead on development funding windows and choose a selection committee.
  • Communicate feedback from development events and consultation to the committee.
  • Inform the committee of the key development areas needed within student sailing.
  • Produce a development plan with the area chairs, which is achievable.
  • Identify areas of funding needed to further student development, and to put together funding requests with the help of the Treasurer.
  • Improve BUSA provision for all experience levels, including beginners.
  • Look to improve diversity and inclusivity within University sailing.
Useful Resources
Time towards BUSA

The Development Officer is expected to attend 4 meetings a year and dedicate roughly 2- 3 hours a week towards development projects.